Band Booking

The Grand Ballroom & Backyard Stages

Thanks for your interest in our music venue in Penngrove, California.
We like to call our indoor stage the “Grand Ballroom” and our seasonal outdoor stage the “Backyard”.
We thrive to provide top shelf talent to a top shelf market and try our hardest to review each and every performance inquiry.
While we wish we could provide a stage that serves to bands & audiences of all different levels & styles, we too are a business
that has a refined program that consists of many variables. We hope to reach everyone at some point or another with our format
but like the old industry saying goes “if we like it, we will contact you”. Thanks for checking us out.


Compact QSC active full range PA system
– (2) QSC K12s atop (2) QSC KSubs in stereo
– (4) QSC K10 stage monitors
– system driven by Behringer XR18 digital stage box with iPad control surface only. No console at FOH.
– 4 mixes on stage, 6 auxes available in total
– general array of mics, DI’s, stands, & cabling
– No Console @ FOH. Band mixes themselves on
Yamaha MG16XU16ch analog mixer positioned stage left
w/ 10 mic pres, 4-stereo ch, 4 Auxes, on-board EQ/Comps/FX


-17ft wide X 9ft deep X 7in high
– 11ft 6in vertical height obstruction at ceiling vault’s apex, center stage, 7ft at stage left & right
– acoustically treated room, w/ theatrical stage curtain upstage, stage left & right & at FOH
– no back stage, no green room, no showers, no gear storage in house
-load via front door. push consists of small stairs (3 steps). no loading ramp in house.


– (4) Chauvet ColorAdo LED’s, upstage
– (4) Lekos, downstage
– Leprechaun compact LX controller at FOH


75 Standing Room Only Capacity
40 Seated


– Stage power – (6) quad receptacles, (3 upstage, 3 downstage) on separate 20A circuits
– all audio, LX and stage on separate power

For all audio / stage / tech questions contact: